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'Lots of great, interactive objects and artifacts. The children were engaged and interested. It opened their eyes regarding the lives of ordinary Romans. The lavender bag making was right up their street! Thanks for a great session.' Culverhill school Yate March 2014

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FREE School History Workshops

These sessions are FREE for the schools of the local parishes of Yate, Dodington, Frampton Cotterell, Horton, Iron Acton, Little Sodbury, Sodbury, Westerleigh, Wickwar.

We have a handling collection with some period clothes. We work with original local archive material, photographs, maps, census forms and oral history.

Education at Yate : Cherry Hubbard PGCE. B A Hons. Heritage DAS
Cherry works at the centre on Mondays and Thursdays/Wednesday.
Sessions suitable for KS1, KS2 and KS3. Can also be for Adult talks and workshops + special needs.

(a small donation of £5 is asked towards materials for those schools outside Yate parish)

For Teachers Information please contact Yate Heritage Centre 01454 862200 or email us via our contact form.



Art and craft workshops, stories and role play, using good quality, historically accurate real and replica artefacts, with seasonal produce and local images and documents.

Telling the stories through food, clothes, medicine, cosmetics, education, trade, buildings, religion and festivals.

Victorian Up to Modern Times

  • Homes in the past, handling artefacts 
  • Washing sessions: practical washing , swishing soap, wringing out, scrubbing..splashing! KS1
  • Seaside Holidays: Come for a ride on the Charabanc and find out how people experienced the seaside, Victorian to Sixties with hats, songs, images and role-play.KS1 and 2
  • Toys and games, traditional songs, rhymes, ring games and stories. KS1
  • WWII in Yate: land girls, factories, home guard, A role play session. A look at the different lives of the people in a wartime situation. Bombing of local factory oral history.
  • Victorian Children.: Rich/poor, Role-play comparison, 'Day in the life', Mining or Rural.
    Handling the raw materials of industry, coal or Celestine.
    Rural life around industrial sites.
    Role play with the land owners and their workers.
  • Change in Yate in Victorian times. Railways and industry
  • Change in Yate since WW2, New Town, Concorde, Shopping.

We have some clothes for different characters in the role play and lots of real artefacts to handle and explore.


  • Life as a Tudor Housewife : The duties of a good Tudor housewife was to keep her household well fed, healthy, clean and clothed... an overview of daily life.
  • Bread and Butter: the food they ate
  • Weaving or sewing: The clothes they wore.
  • Schoolroom: Writing with a quill pen, books and almanacs
  • Medicine: What happened when they were ill.
  • Buildings: Construction, decoration and inventories.
  • Entertainment....Games
  • Times were changing in Tudor lives and these sessions explore Education, Medicine and Entertainment in the Tudor world as well as personal space, possessions and beliefs.
  • Looking at Tudor families in and around Yate and district in the context of the wider Tudor world.


  • Beauty and the Bath House: ideas of beauty, cosmetics and hygiene.
  • Medicine, how they thought the body worked
  • Weaving, the clothes they wore and where it came from
  • The Bread the staple food of the masses
  • Writing and learning: looking at tomb stones, wax tablets and curse tablets.
  • Buildings and status, the Romans in Gloucestershire techniques, roads, mosaics and wall paintings in contrast to the iron age local style.
  • Looking at Yate and district and its position in the wider Roman Empire.

Other Resources available at Yate Heritage Centre

  • Portable Archaeology Site
  • Roman Handling Box


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Photos or Film from Yate's Past - If you own something of interest then contact Yate Heritage Centre.

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Educational Visits

Staff at Yate Heritage Centre are available to visit your school or organisation for a hands on workshop about Yate's exciting history or to welcome you to the Centre itself.